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Safety First for Spring Break Fun Allied Universal Provides Its Annual Safety Tips for 2024

IRVINE, Calif. — March. 22, 2024 — Allied Universal®, the world’s leading security and facility services provider, today announced its tips for spring break safety. As many high school and college students look ahead to the long-awaited break, they need to be equipped with the knowledge to travel, enjoy a fun week, and return safe and sound. Allied Universal views safety as non-negotiable and the list below are the top 10 tips compiled to help educate students on spring break safety.

  1. Travel Safely
  • Avoid driving while tired or fatigued. Never pull an all-nighter on the road.
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Association studies show - 49% of vehicle fatalities occur during nighttime.
  • If you have to drive at night, have at least one person stay awake to talk with the driver.
  1. Safety in Hotel Rooms
  • Lock doors and secure important items like passports, driver’s licenses, and cash in secure location such as an in-room safe or the front desk.
  • Have the name and address of your hotel with you at all times so you can always find your way back.
  • Don’t disclose information about where you are staying or your room number to people you don’t know.
  1. Protect your Location
  • Use your best judgment when sharing your location and updates about your location on social media.
  • Adjust your privacy settings on social media so you share your adventures only with those you trust.
  • Share your location on an app like Find My iPhone, Find My Friends or Life360 with family and/or friends.
  1. Keep Cash and Important Information with You
  • Carry a small amount of cash in case your credit cards are stolen or misplaced.
  • Write contact information down so that you can call someone if your phone runs out of charge, or you get separated from your device.
  1. Use the Buddy System
  • Never leave a party with a stranger.
  • Always go somewhere with at least one friend.
  • If you need to go alone, ensure friends know where you are going and when they can expect you to return.
  • When going out with a group of friends, always establish a meeting place and time in advance.
  1. Keep Up to Date with Local Laws and Protocols
  • When travelling outside of the United States, make sure you are aware of what documents you need to enter and exit that country.
  • Ensure your passport is up to date and you have a proper visa.
  • Be aware that each country is different and has its own laws and regulations, update yourself on what you can and can’t do in each country before travelling.
  1. Hydrate and Wear Sun Protection
  • Heat stroke and melanoma know no age. Take SPF and bottled water with you.
  1. Alcohol Use and Illicit substances
  • Know the laws regarding possession of alcoholic beverages and drugs where you are travelling.
  • If you are legal to consume, be responsible.
  • Do not drive while under the influence – call a friend, rideshare service or taxi.
  • Do not get involved in illegal drugs. The penalty in some countries is death.
  1. Pack and Track your Baggage
  • Keep an eye on your belongings at all times.
  • If possible, buy a bag that comes with a built-in lock system. If not, purchase a TSA-approved bag lock to secure your belongings.
  1. Beware of Pickpockets and Bad Actors
  • Robbery and acquaintance sexual assault top the list of crimes committed against college students on spring break.
  • Be aware of your surrounding at all times.

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